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  • Bhayangkari

    Bhayangkari is an organization of Indonesian Police officer's wives. Bhayangkari needed a website that could showcase their activities from all over Indonesia. Since this is their first website for a 60 years old organization, it is quite a challenge to accomplish the project with very tight deadline.  But with great collaboration from our team and Bhayangkari website team, we managed to finish it on time.

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  • Teh Gelas

    OT is a consumer goods company that produces a wide range of daily necessities. From a traditional health drink with consistent use of high quality ingredients and standardized processes, OT is increasingly becoming a modern enterprise, without parting from the positive values and dignity instilled by the company's founder.

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  • MBSS

    MBSS is a leading Indonesian provider of integrated one-stop sea logistics and transportation solutions for bulk materials, particularly coal. With more than 20 years of experience, MBSS has earned a reputation for high quality, reliable service.

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  • Winter In Tokyo

    Winter In Tokyo movie based on mega bestselling novel, with the same title, from Ilana Tan. Produced by Unlimited PH and Maxima Pictures, Indonesia. Starred by Dion Wiyoko, Morgan Oey, Kimberly Ryder and Pamela Bowie.

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    winter in tokyo
  • Marketlink

    The Marketlink is a gateway to highly-qualified providers found in CBN Group digital ecosystem. With more than 500 companies joined the platform, leveraging together will be an easy task. This will be a place to meet, collaborate and grow together and create good environment for all businesses in Indonesia.

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  • Nikon Team

    Nikon Team Indonesia is an official online community for passionate Nikon owners. Nikon customers are encourage to join. By joining, members could post and get comments about their photos; ask the experts; get informations about news & events; sharing photography tips; and contest.

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    Nikon Team
  • Asura

    Asura is one of the leading insurance brokers in Indonesia that helps you to choose the best insurance. Asura works by analyzing your needs and your risk then choose a list of insurance that suits your condition. Asura not only help in selecting insurance, but also in the claims process.

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  • PT. SMI

    PT. SMI is a BUMN in Indonesia, which has a work function as a catalyst for financing infrastructure development along with the preparation and consultation.

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    PT. SMI
  • Nex Datacenter

    Nex datacenter is indonesia’s leading provider of premium carrier neutral datacenters. They are providing quality infrastructure datacenter that is flexible, transparent and customer-focused. Many big business organizations around Indonesia rely on nex datacenter to maximize their efficiency of their IT operations.

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    Nex Datacenter
  • Bio Takara

    Bio Takara is a leading and largest manufacturer of eyelashes, wigs, hair extensions, and toupees in Indonesia.

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    Bio Takara
  • Jangan Buang Sampah Sembarangan

    Jangan buang sampah sembarangan is a internet campaign with aim to revolutionize Indonesian people in the treatment of their waste.

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  • Maggo

    Maggo is a herbal medicine to cure stomach problem. In this website, visitors could learn about the medicine, its ingredients, read customer's testimonials and online order it.

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  • Bintang Laut yang Berserak

    Bintang Laut yang Berserak is a book consist of compilation short stories that has been written by Kuntoro Mangkusubroto. He share about his journey when he was a kid and stayed in a lot of different areas that gave him valuable lessons. Each of story flows naturally in the most simple way but have strong meaning at the end of it.

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    Bintang Laut yang Berserak
  • Citraland Puri Serang

    CitraLand Puri Serang is one of the real estate project of Ciputra Group. It is located in Serang, Indonesia. In this website project, we decided to pull something fresh layout to go inline with their environment-aware concept. Homepage is filled with the three key concepts of living here: Economic, Environments and Social.

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    Citraland Puri Serang
  • Citraland Megah Batam

    CitraLand Megah Batam is an exclusive and prestigious real estate project by Ciputra Group. It is located in Batam, Indonesia. Starting from the homepage, visitors greeted with the eco living concept along with bird eye's view of project map.

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    Citraland Megah Batam
  • Conrad Living

    Conrad is not just another ordinary furniture seller. Conrad is a beautiful furniture manufacturer in Jakarta, Indonesia. Specializing in: tables, sofas, sideboards, lamps, desks, chairs and beds.

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    Conrad Living
  • IPPUDO Indonesia

    IPPUDO was founded in 1985 in Japan's ramen capital of Hakata by Shigemi Kawahara, the internationally renowned Ramen King and founder of IPPUDO, which encompasses some of Japan’s finest restaurants.

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    IPPUDO Indonesia
  • Nenek Siam

    Nenek Siam is a horror movie starred by Kirana Larasati (as Tika), Tiara Westlake (as Kikan), and Selena Alessandra (as Poppy). Three of them are planning to have a short vacation out of town when suddenly they get lost.

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    Nenek Siam Movie
  • Duel The Last Choice

    Duel The Last Choice is a martial-arts action movie. We are running the digital marketing campaign, building crowds / recognitions among action movie fans, focusing on quality content / graphic for retweets, and maintaining Twitter hashtag: #DuelTheMovie.

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    Duel The Last Choice
  • APEC CEO Summit 2013

    APEC CEO Summit 2013 is an international and highly respected event, attended by more than 15 leaders and 1200 CEOs from Asia Pacific region.

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    APEC CEO Summit 2013
  • Indika Energy

    Indika Energy is Indonesia's leading integrated energy company which provides energy solutions to meet the national and global needs.

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    Indika Energy
  • Supermal Karawaci

    Supermal Karawaci is a well established middle-high class mall located in Karawaci, Tangerang, Indonesia.

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    Supermal Karawaci
  • Ciputra World Jakarta 1

    Ciputra World Jakarta 1 is super-block property project with deep integration of office space, apartment, hotel and mall.

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    Ciputra World Jakarta 1
  • Rhodes

    PT. Rhodes is Balikpapan, East Kalimantan based company; who specialises in full contract services for quarrying, crushing, constructing and operating asphalt and concrete batch plants. The company provides a wide range of materials handling expertise including design, construction and operations.

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  • Green Bay Pluit

    Green Bay is sea side superblock located in Pluit, North Jakarta, Indonesia. With its Mall, apartment, condominium, and 60% dominated by park; Green Bay is the true iconic building in North Jakarta.

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    Green Bay Pluit

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