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Responsive Website Design, Frontend & Backend Website Development
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Indika Energy


Responsive Website Design, Frontend & Backend Website Development.

Indika Energy is Indonesia's leading integrated energy company. Which bring together energy resources, energy services and energy infrastructure into a complete value chain which provides energy solutions to meet the national and global needs.

They decided to redesign in early 2014. We presented the idea to make this big energy company to be more human, more pleasing, and more friendly.

The Work

  • Homepage viewed in Desktop
  • Homepage viewed in Tablets
  • Homepage viewed in Smartphone
  • Homepage
  • Header

    Homepage top part.

  • Megamenu

    Megamenu for Sustainability.

  • Our Synergy

    Interactive steps in explaining the strategy.

  • Location

    Interactive map indicating the company's activity throughout Indonesia. The colourful dots are clickable

  • Location 2

    Clicking dots will show the project detail; while map is zooming in the background.

  • Timeline

    Interactive timeline of the company's journey

  • Investor

    Stock information in the Investor page.

  • Career

    Career page.

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