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13th December 2010 / Tech For Fun

San Francisco based startup, Disqus is getting more popular now, and growing fast. More and more popular news/blog site using it. Big sites like Engadget, TechCrunch has Disqus powering their comment system. I choose Disqus here at Stucel, replacing WordPress default comment system. There are many advantages for using it, the best part is Disqus […]

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12th December 2010 / Tech For Fun

We don’t have any active marketing campaign in the real life since the first day. We count on Google to bring in the sales leads. Swamped with design works and dozens of emails per day, I’ve been blindly ignore the rate numbers all this time. For instance, I didn’t monitor the web-visit number, versus the visitor-who-contact-us number. Alas, a very unwise attitude for a small business who count its life to only just Google and his search fellas.

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