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Search Engine Optimization

PT. SMI is a BUMN in Indonesia, which has a work function as a catalyst for financing infrastructure development along with the preparation and consultation.

At the beginning of optimization, PT. SMI yet using CMS (Content Management System), our recommendations are using CMS Wordpress and make it more SEO friendly website structure. Wordpress allows us to perform on-page optimization of setup basically that is already SEO friendly and also SEO plugins that make it easier to control.

Level of competition PT. SMI is medium to high for some main keywords. We improve the visibility PT. SMI in the search engine by embedding quality, relevant backlinks from a variety of sites that have great relevance and popularity.

The Work

Performance report for : February 29, 2016 - April 24, 2016

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  • Statistic 1

    Total Clicks : Total Visitor to PT. SMI website through Google Search Engine

  • Statistic 2

    Total Impression : Show how many times PT. SMI Website showed in search engine

  • Statistic 4

    Avg Position : Average PT. SMI website position from Google search page

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