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Petrosync is a major multinational company headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. Petrosync has particular expertise in the field of training and seminars on petroleum. In addition, Petrosync also provide consultancy and news reports on the development of the petroleum industry globally.

Petrosync is a site that has many pages service, where all page service should be optimized in terms of SEO. We optimize the structure of the html meta title, description to use headings within the page. Internal linking is very necessary for sites that have thousands of pages indexed in the search engines, we set it to be easily accessible by search engine crawlers.

Petrosync targeting the international audience for the US, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Keyword that we use for link building was originally included in the keyword category yet less high profile displays actual Petrosync. After going through a process of discussion, we finally decided to change the keywords into the medium category, but more decisive petrosync profile.

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Performance report for : March 7, 2016 - May 1, 2016

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    Total Clicks : Total Visitor to Petrosync website through Google Search Engine

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    Total Impression : Show how many times Petrosync Website showed in search engine

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    Avg CTR : Comparison between impression and total clicks from Google Search Engine

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    Avg Position : Average Petrosync website position from Google search page

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