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Asura is one of the leading insurance brokers in Indonesia that helps you to choose the best insurance. Asura works by analyzing your needs and your risk then choose a list of insurance that suits your condition. Asura not only help in selecting insurance, but also in the claims process.

We found no significant barriers to optimization on page on page Asura. However, at the time of checking for the authenticity of the content, we find that the Asura have 2 other websites exactly the same in terms of both design and content. Therefore, we ask for closing or changes to other websites.

For backlink, we do not just plant a backlink. But also to educate the public about insurance broker. Most Indonesian people only know what is referred to as an insurance agent. Though Asura is the best insurance broker is not an insurance agent.

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Performance report for : March 7, 2016 - May 1, 2016

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