Integrating Disqus Comment System



San Francisco based startup, Disqus is getting more popular now, and growing fast. More and more popular news/blog site using it. Big sites like Engadget, TechCrunch has Disqus powering their comment system.

I choose Disqus here at Stucel, replacing WordPress default comment system. There are many advantages for using it, the best part is Disqus really play nice with WordPress. Just add the plugin and just like that –no single code change. The comment import process was working flawlessly too, even for thousands of comments. I just imported 3000++ comment in Twentea to Disqus. Smooth.

At first, I was researching to compare Disqus’s biggest contender: IntenseDebate (created by Automattic, the company behind WordPress). Basically both systems offer the same thing: Comment threading, and social media integration (I think it’s cool to have automated tweet when I comment on a blog). But some people complained IntenseDebate’s performance, and resource hog. So I choose Disqus. To me, Disqus killer features are:

  • Priority Load. Browser still loads up the website assets first, then Disqus’s (I think it’s AJAX powered).
  • Reply by Email. When someone respond your comment, Disqus will send you email notification. And you can comment to it instantly by replying that email.
  • WordPress Easy Integration. And easy importing too. And Disqus could be integrated with other popuplar CMS too, like: Drupal, Joomla.
  • Spam proof.
  • Mobile phone friendly.
  • Social Reactions. Disqus collecting tweets, mentions back to your blog.
  • Smooth Paging.


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