Stucel’s Bali Summer Getaway

Every summer has its own story. This is ours. Even for creative people like us, daily routine at the office eventually need a break. Yeah, we have been planning the trip for quite some time.

In the month of June, when the sunshine was so bright and all we can think is “water”. Since then, we listed every place that has water: lake, sea, beach and so ever, and it was an easy decision: Go to Bali. Why Bali? We believe, by escaping to the island and being away from the office environment, our getaway would be filled with memorable adventures. So here we go!

After all the preparation, we flew to Bali on August 9, 2017. Early morning flight.

Stucel’s Team Ready to Fly

And the fun started.

Our first destination, sunset and stars

Watch sunset at Uluwatu Temple, is a must! No word can describe how beautiful it was, when the sun drown to the sea and exploding its color to the horizontal.

After the sky gone dark, we decided to eat dinner in the side of the Sanur’s beach under the stars.

Day two, shopping and breath Bali’s scenery

Shopping at Sukawati Art Market, is more than shopping, it’s also enjoying arts.

After that, let’s enjoy some scenery at Tegalalang Rice Terrace.

Like never enough, Bali gives us more beautiful scenery when we lunch at Kintamani.

Beautiful place, friends, food. We can’t ask for more.

Day three, beach!

A wise man once said, go to beach to complete your summer day. So here we go, Tanah Lot. Yeah of course we can’t enjoy beach at Tanah Lot, but this beach-side-temple too beautiful to resist if you are in Bali.

Seminyak beach here we come! Yes we have planned to do team games at beach, it was fun, and make us bond stronger as a team.

After three sunsets, it’s finally time to go home.

Home to new memories we brought, home to new friendships we found, home to new abundant creative ideas.
Thank you, Bali. See you in another moment!

PS. You can view more of our Bali trip in Facebook page.


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