Picking Google Fonts


Font in website is really evolving fast. The early/first breakthrough was sIFR.

“Finally I coud put other than ‘Georgia, Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Tahoma’ in my website projects” – Web Designers in 2005.

Years after that, as I look at our projects, all are using Google Fonts. Picking up typeface at Google Fonts are not an easy job. Especially for paragraphs. Most of the fonts family there are not complete, some only have Bold, some only have Regular; only few has Black, Bold, Semi-bold, Regular, Italic, Light, Hairline. Pick the “workhorse font”, font that will be fine in any situation (more to read here).

Starts with the Tops

The Tops (or should we say the overused)

The Tops (or should we say the overused)

Clicking Analytics at top right, will take you to the most viewed fonts. It’s really a good place to start “getting it fast to the trends”. But maybe not to easliy blind follow the top tens, because people eventualy will be tired to see the overused fonts.

Font Pairing Suggestions

Mixin' Fonts are Fun! (even when you're not in the mood)

Mixin’ Fonts are Fun! (even when you’re not in the mood)

Mixing fonts are fun within Headings and Paragraphs. Using a single font is fine, but mixing is more fun. Inside the font specimen, Google provides Pairings (example). It’s surprising that designers are rarely know about this. Be careful not to use more than 2 fonts in 1 website project, because it will slow down the load time.


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