Essential (Supportive) Apps for Web Designer in Mac




Adobe Photoshop can’t live alone, she needs companions. During work, I can’t rely to her only, I’m using these must-have applications to accompany her:


I need LittleSnapper ($39.99) to snap / take screenshot all my favorite or unique websites that is very useful during rainy days. Before using this app, I used to manually screenshot them and put the files in a folder (lucky I didn’t print them all). In LittleSnapper, I can organize all my 1749 screenshots i.e add tags, give rates, get the original URL, or maybe put the best in smart folder. Just like Finder, it is possible to quick change the thumbnail size. Very convenient and time saver.

PS. LittleSnapper has some limitation when snapping Adobe Flash element. It will be left blank, while the other non Flash element will be included in the shot.

1749 shots. Told you! Heh-heh-heh-heh (Green Pig laugh)

Taking website screenshot has never been this easier

The Hit List

To Get Things Done in awesome way, I like to use The Hit List ($49.95). Why not Things, or maybe Wunderlist? In THL, it’s allowed to paste or drag any kind of text, list formatted texts, line-break separated texts, even email message from into THL and it automatically convert it into list of tasks. Organizing tasks is so dead simple easy by using the award winning shortcuts just like playing Counter Strike: w, a, s, d. Tip: If you like to play with GeekTool, it’s also possible to display The Hit List tasks in desktop.

My first training list in THL Dojo, and I’ve mastered it all! Well, except this one –it’s because I always love to repeat it, I don’t know why

The Card View. So I can focus on 1 task per time

OS wide quick entry task

Very handy for hourly-based job


After 5 years of happy and loyal Cyberduck user and took some peeks to Flow, I think it’s safe to say that Transmit ($34) is the best FTP client in Mac. It has all the stuffs I love, not just wide protocol support; but super gorgeous interface, mount any FTP to Finder, sync your local development folder content to the production server, breadcrumb navigation, or maybe create some Droplets. My favorite feature is Places. Places is a drag-drop activated bookmark. Accessing my the WordPress theme directory is just one click away, instead of four clicks of /public_html/wp-content/themes/_themename

Easy to create, easy to access. Just one click away to the bookmarks.

Favorite screen. The dark design is really hypnotizing in a good way, can’t deny that


LittleIpsum (free, but donation is suggested) is the best Latin text generator for OS X. It’s Incredibly quick and lightweight.

It’s very great to know that I have a quick access to grab some random latin text aka “Lorem ipsum” for dummy text purpose when I’m working. Dustin Senos (the author of this wonderful app) is really know how to differentiate paragraph, title and sentences.

How to use LittleIpsum

LittleIpsum in Action


Showing design progress in chat or email conversation shouldn’t always be: direct send or attach the file. Not all people that I know, likes to receive big attachment emails. Giving short links for them to download is more safe. Droplr (free) is helping me to do that. I just drag file to the app (in Dock or in menu bar). Post uploaded, Droplr automatically copy the download URL into clipboard. You can paste it everywhere, example:

Quickly access to Recent Drops is possible

If you thinking to use your own domain, instead of, then you like me. I use to make it more personal and professional. Go to settings and you can customize your domain there. Warning, you need to modify your DNS settings in your web hosting control panel. Don’t do it if you have no experience, otherwise there’s a risk your domain won’t load your website.

Can’t wait to do it right?


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