Nenek Siam The Movie


Nenek Siam is a horror movie starred by Kirana Larasati (as Tika), Tiara Westlake (as Kikan), and Selena Alessandra (as Poppy). Three of them are planning to have a short vacation out of town when suddenly they get lost. Trying to find some help from a house nearby, they meet Mira (starred by Erlin Sarintan) a mysterious woman who lived in a creepy house. The story is getting creepy when Kikan help Mira to feed Eyang Putri (starred by Bella Esperance). Kikan is scared and keep trying to convinced her friends to get out from the house as soon as possible. What happen next is more scary than before.

We are running the digital marketing campaign, building crowds, create the quiz on Facebook – Twitter, and also create the Android app for Nenek Siam the movie. See #NenekSiam on Instagram to see the euphoria of people who took photo with Nenek Siam mannequin inside the cinemas.


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